apple watch

As a virtual assistant, I am on my computer all day long and with a 3-screen set-up, my right wrist gets a ton of action moving between screens.

At the beginning of this year, I was starting to having some issues with my mousing (right) wrist, and even though I had one successful carpal tunnel surgery on my left (dominant) hand back in August of 2021, I wasn’t interested in having another surgery on my right hand.  I mentioned this to one of my VA friends, Sandy, who shared how much she loved her Logitech M575 Ergonomic Wireless Trackball USB Mouse, and I instantly added it to my cart to give it a try!

I will admit that it took me a couple days to get the feel of it, because instead of moving your wrist back and forth, you use your thumb on the trackball to move around. Once I got over that initial learning curve, my wrist tenderness quickly went away and I will never go back to a regular mouse again!