woman filling out habit tracker

Do you ever think about how the little things we do every day really help shape our lives? While big goals have their place, it’s our daily habits that often make the most significant and positive changes.

Think of them as our non-negotiables – the little rituals that set the tone for a kickass day. As John Maxwell wisely said, “The secret to success is found in your daily routine.”

Curious to know which daily habits impact me the most? Here are my top five non-negotiable habits that I try to do every single day!

Habit #1: Making My Bed
I honestly can’t remember if this habit was ingrained in me as a child or is more of a result of my type-A personality, but the #1 daily habit on my list is making my bed. For as far back as I can remember, I have always made my bed. If you are currently not in the habit of making your bed every day, I encourage you to watch this famous graduation speech by Admiral McRaven on the importance of making your bed. It reinforces that the little things in life matter and because you’ve started each day accomplishing that little task, you can then go on to do great things

Habit #2: Getting Dressed for the Day
Even though I work from home and some days do not need to show my face in Zoom meetings with clients, I still like to get dressed and ready for the day, which includes doing my hair and makeup. I really think this helps change your mindset that you are getting ready for the workday ahead. And when you feel put together, you are going to approach your day and the tasks on your to-do list with the same motivation. “When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you do good.”

Habit #3: Daily Movement
Given that I am sitting behind a computer for many hours each and every day, it’s really important that my day involves a workout and a daily walk. I have tried incorporating this habit at a few different times in my daily schedule but what works best for me is to get in my workout and daily walk first thing in the morning after I wake up. When I’ve tried to do my workout/walk in the afternoon or even after my workday has ended, either something comes up, or I’m just too tired after working all day, so I like to knock that one out first thing in the morning.

Habit #4: Looking Ahead on my Calendar
At the end of each workday, I take just a few minutes to look at my calendar and see what’s on deck for the following day. This applies to both the personal and business areas of my life. For example, it’s looking at work tasks I maybe didn’t complete that particular day and moving them to another day; it’s referencing my weekly meal plan and remembering something as simple as moving something out of the freezer and into the fridge so it’s defrosted and ready to prepare for dinner the next evening.

Habit #5: Quick Tidy
After dinner when all of the day’s dirty dishes are washed or put in the dishwasher, I also like to do a quick tidying up. This is simply picking up things that may have ended up on the kitchen table or counters during the day and putting them away where they belong, going through the mail, etc. I don’t function well in a cluttered, messy environment, and this habit literally takes just a few minutes.

Shift your perspective and look at your daily habits as opportunities to improve your life and see the benefits they can give you rather than something you have to do because you’ll feel guilty if you don’t do them.

If you don’t already have your list of daily “non-negotiable” habits, I recommend keeping it simple with no more than five, remembering that consistency is key. It’s all about watching those small efforts add up to big changes over time.

What are your non-negotiable habits? I’d love to hear!