Browser tabs

Creating bookmarks in your browser is a fantastic online system you can create to save time, as well as reduce stress and frustration. Doesn’t that sound good?

Think of bookmarks as your personal shortcuts to websites or links you visit often. Instead of juggling a bunch (or in some cases hundreds!) of open tabs in your browser, set up bookmarks for these links. This way, with just a click or two, you can quickly access what you need. Easy peasy!

Different browsers have their own version of bookmarks. I work off a PC and use Google Chrome exclusively, so this how-to is going to focus on Google Chrome.

Step 1: Enable the Bookmark Bar

  • Open the Chrome Browser on your computer
  • In the top right corner, click the ‘More’ button (three vertical dots)
  • Hover over “Bookmarks and lists” and click on Show Bookmarks Bar, which will enable the bookmarks bar in your browser


Step 2: Add Bookmark Folders

I like to create folders to keep my bookmarks organized and easy to get to.

  • In the top right corner, click the ‘More’ button (three vertical dots)
  • Hover over “Bookmarks and lists” and click on Bookmark Manager

Once you are back in the Bookmark Manager:

  • Click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner
  • Click Add New Folder. A new folder will be added to your list
TIP: Create sub-folders for further organization. In order for your sub-folders to show in the Bookmark Manager, be sure to click on the folder listed on the on the left side that you’d like to add a sub-folder to BEFORE clicking to add a new folder.

Step 3: Add a Bookmak to Your Folders:

  • Go to the website/page you want to bookmark
  • Click on the STAR at the right end of the navigation bar
  • Give the bookmark a name that tells you where it goes to
  • From the dropdown, select the folder you want to add it to and click Done
TIP: Use the same browser on your different devices and sign in with the same account info to be able to access ALL of your saved Bookmarks across all of your devices!

This simple system will completely transform the way you work with your browser and help you get to what you need online in just 1-2 clicks!