I love the last week of the year, between Christmas and New Year’s when the holiday hustle and bustle has calmed down and there is a slowing down in the business world. The two things I most like to do during that week are (1) hit some of the “after Christmas” sales and (2) organize my business.

While I can’t exactly help you with the shopping, here are the things I do to get my business organized and ready for the new year.

Clean up email subscriptions. Last month, I shared my system for maintaining a clean and efficient email inbox, and boy, did you all respond to that one! I’ve already had meetings with several clients who wanted a little one-on-one guidance on cleaning up their email inbox. If you haven’t tackled that project yet, this would be a good project to tackle next week.

Because my email inbox is already under control, I like to go through and opt-out of promotional emails that I no longer want but am now receiving as a result of my holiday purchases. Unsubscribing to mailing lists that are no longer of interest to you is a great way to maintain control of your inbox.

Get a head start on your taxes. There’s no need to postpone organizing your business expenses until tax time. Take a little time to gather your expense receipts and bring them up-to-date now so you’re not scrambling in a couple months.

Do you use spreadsheets to keep track of business metrics throughout the year? Set up clean copies now so they are ready to go.

Review your computer files. Once a year, I like to go through the files that are actually stored on my laptop and move any outdated files that are no longer needed to my OneDrive, which is where I archive all my old files.

Organize your desk. Take everything off (yes, everything) clean it thoroughly, and only add back what you need.

Spend a little time next week to organize your business, so you’re prepared to tackle whatever 2024 brings!

Wishing you a fresh and well-organized 2024!