Let’s face it … we all have a LOT of passwords. As a Virtual Assistant, I not only have my own passwords to keep track of, but also my clients’ passwords. For years, I kept all of these passwords on a locked Excel spreadsheet, but it got clunky having to copy/paste passwords every time I needed to log into a different site for a client’s project. Not to mention keeping everything up-to-date ….EEK!!


Earlier this year, one of my colleagues introduced me to LastPass, an online password manager. I added the Chrome extension to my browser and voila, I never have to trust my brain to remember another password! Since I am in and out of different client accounts all day long, this has been such a time saver! I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without it!


Once LastPass is installed, it tracks your passwords as you log into online accounts and stores and categorizes them. If a password changes, it asks if you want to update it. And it’s completely secure – LastPass requires you to set a master password that is not allowed for any other online account stored in your system. There is both a free and premium (paid) version which is what I signed up for as it provides added security for client passwords with the ability to customize your account organization. So worth the $36/year cost!


Click here to learn how LastPass works.