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Rave Reviews


Thinking about working with me? Check out ‘the love’ from some of my awesome clients:

I have used Leighanne for my Shoe Boutique for 2 years and I have loved everything she does for me! I have her help me with postcards for promotions, emails announcing events or sales and she helps design graphics I can use on Facebook and Instagram. Without Leighanne, I wouldn’t have a polished and complete look for my boutique!! I recommend Leighanne very highly to all my friends that need a virtual assistant, she really is simply the best!!!

Ann Matthews
Owner, Arktana Shoe Boutique / Client since April 2014

I was nervous about making an investment in my business like this, but I found once I did, my organization grew! Leighanne is proactive, detail oriented, thorough, and so pleasant to work with!

Adria Bagshaw
Independent Jewelry Representative / Client since March 2015

Leighanne is the ultimate professional. She handles each and every request promptly and efficiently. If you’re looking for a virtual assistant who puts her clients needs first, Leighanne is your girl!

Lori McCoach
Independent Jewelry Representative / Client since Nov. 2011

Leighanne does for me what I could never do for myself! She makes me look professional and organized. Money well spent.

Anne-Marie Piper
Independent Jewelry Representative / Client since June 2013

Leighanne Burnett is a consumate professional. She is creative, inventive, dependable, supportive, and extremely talented. I depend upon her and trust her COMPLETELY to support my small business needs. As a small business there is not a lot of time to create newsletters or marketing campaigns that have a professional look and carries your signature brand. Leighanne not only creates your brand, she provides affordable, high quality products that you’d be proud to send out to your customers and prospects. I could not run my business without her.

Carol Parker-Walsh
Independent Jewelry Representative / Client since May 2012

Leighanne came into my life just when I needed her. My friend had been using her for years and shared her name with me. My team was growing and my newsletters were pretty lame! I wanted to look professional and share messages that were helpful and tools that were easy to use for my reps. Leighanne created me a newsletter beyond my expectations! Invitations to my customers that worked! I could never go back! She goes above and beyond my requests! Leighanne is professional, communicates with me and plans for great results!

Who saves me every single month? LEIGHANNE BURNETT! What a rock star to me and many! She makes ME look good! It is ALL Leighanne and I am so thankful for this talented friend!

Vicki Olson Johnson
Independent Jewelry Representative / Client since Feb. 2012

I hired Leighanne as a virtual assistant in 2012. Not only does she have expert skills with a wide array of software, she is a savy business person who is exceptional at marketing on my behalf. Her prices are very reasonable and the quality of her work always exceeds my expectations. She is punctual, and always works with a high degree of integrity. In addition, she is creative and provides excellent suggestions to enhance the end product. When you hire Leighanne you will be upset that you didn’t hire her sooner!!

Guyl Robidoux
Independent Jewelry Representative / Client since Jan. 2012

Leighanne Burnett is an exceptional virtual assistant! She is an excellent manager of her time and mine. She has detailed knowledge of my business, her work is on time and reasonably priced. Works well with short notice. Leighanne is trustworthy, consistent, and reliable! She is soooo good in what she does for me that because of her skills as my assistant….she definately makes me look superb to my team, leaders, clients, and customers! Leighanne is an asset not only to myself but to my business. I would highly recommend her and her professional services.

Jody Lafko
Independent Jewelry Representative / Client since Nov. 2011

I love having Leighanne help me as a virtual assistant. I can’t tell you how much the hostess coaching emails have helped me in my business. I simply send her the party date, email and virtual party link and she does the rest! It saves me so much time. My hostesses have said that they DO read the emails and it keeps the party in the front of their mind. No cancellations and higher party sales!!

Karen Monroe
Independent Jewelry Representative / Client since Nov. 2012

I arrived at this place in my business where I realized I couldn’t do it all by myself and be successful without getting burnt out. I realized I needed to focus on the true IPA’s (income producing activities). Everytime I would seek out an assistant, I spent hours training them on constant contact, CSV files, my style of the “finished” outcome all while paying them to figure it out. Then I was referred to Leighanne. What a blessing she has been for my business and my productivity. Leighanne is articulate, honest, consistent, and serial-focused. She keeps me on track and helps me “look and feel” like a leader and professional business woman.

Sheila Longhi
Independent Jewelry Representative / Client since May 2011

The benefits of working with Leighanne are endless. She creates emails and campaigns for me that used to take me days, late nights and simply too much time creating. Since I’ve been using her, I have more time to do the things that move my business forward. I can’t imagine doing my business without her as my virtual partner! I have never met Leighanne in person, but have complete faith every time I send a project that it will be done in a timely manner and with all of her effort. She’s a hard worker, she’s fast, and thorough… all of those qualities are necessary to do what she does so well.

Jill Edgell Smith
Independent Jewelry Representative / Client since April 2012

I have used many assistants in my home based business but no one has been near to the caliber of Leighanne. Her swift reply, organizational skills, technical skills and attention to detail are unlike anyone else I have come across and these attributes transpire into an efficient virtual assistant. Leighanne is as close as I have come to duplicating myself and is the best money I have spent in my business. She is my Virtual Angel. Leighanne will work as hard on your business as you do. Contact her today!

Aimee Crist
Independent Jewelry Representative / Client since June 2012

I could not run my business without Leighanne! Her superb organizational and follow-up skills keep me on track and ensure projects are completed on time. By delegating the tasks that used to take me hours or days to complete, I can focus on the “income producing activities” that will grow my business and my team. She is consistent, trustworthy, efficient and her work is impeccable. Leighanne truly is my “right hand”!

MaryBeth Matrone
Independent Jewelry Representative / Client since Jan. 2011